Lana L. Holland

Lana grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. After completing high school at Washington Marion Magnet, she attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA and received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Work. For ten years, she worked in the social service field but had a strong desire to become a massage therapist. In 2005 she attended the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy and received her national and state license to practice massage shortly after graduating in 2006. Before starting her own business, Lana worked for local and casino resort day spas. She saw the need in her own community to create a relaxing environment and promote the benefits of massage and spa therapy. Her goal was to make those who were not avid body work receivers aware of this healthy alternative to body care. Lana Holland became the first African American to own an Organic Concept Day Spa in her community. Her vision is to provide a place of relaxation for clients to enjoy the beautiful experience of massage and spa therapies. Her passion is to create peace within everyone she touch.

Corey J. Guillory

Corey is a native of Lake Charles, LA. He is a committed husband to his wife and loving father of two beautiful children. After his graduation from LaGrange Highschool, he attended Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA where he studied Recreational Therapy for two years. He then became highly interested in becoming a massage therapist and placed his plan into action. In September of 2008, he graduated from the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy located in Lake Charles, LA. His passion for massage is that all of his clients receive the most relaxing, fulfilling and memorable experience there is to be provided by him. A passion he definitely proves through his work.